When is the Best Time for a Bathroom Remodeling Project in Houston, TX?

A bathroom is a space that needs to be hyper-functional, calm, practical, and preferably a little bit more luxurious. That is why it is imperative to undertake regular maintenance of this space to give it a more aesthetic appeal. Remodeling your bathroom does not only increase its functionality or bring shine again but can also enlarge your room, either visually or physically. 

Remodeling a bathroom can be a daunting task as it entails plenty of planning and budgeting. There are a million decisions to be made along the way, from what to include or exclude in the design, procuring of resources, how and where to hire contractors, the perfect time to do a remodel, among many others. The project can take a short or extended period, depending on the extent of upgrades and the working season.  

Although bathroom renovation can take place any time of the year, it is essential to remodel it at a particular time to help move the process along and help ease the flow of tasks. So, what is the perfect time to remodel a bathroom in Houston? Well, the simple answer is the spring season.

Why Remodel Your Bathroom During Spring?

It is undeniable that spring is a pretty perfect time of the year to remodel a bathroom in Houston, TX. The springtime in Houston is usually warmer than most other parts of the United States. Also, unlike winter, where the weather is frigid and chilly, spring tends to be a bit sunnier and warmer.

Although summertime may seem like the perfect time for this, the summers are scorching and oppressive in Houston, thus making it challenging for contractors to work. Also, the spring’s humidity levels are not as high as in Houston’s summer months. Therefore, the combination of warm weather and less humidity makes spring the best time for remodeling in Houston.

Therefore, as bathroom renovation involves work both indoors as well as outdoors, contractors will have a smoother time working outside when making holes, replacing old pipes, and carrying out other plumbing activities. Moreover, you’ll probably pay them less than what you would be charged when working during busy months.

Since the weather is favorable and the days are longer, contractors will undertake extensive remodeling projects, thus guaranteeing an expedited process. 

Also, spring and some parts of early summer mean adequate breaks from work. Therefore, it will be easier to get more time for planning, budgeting, and winding up other tasks that involve renovation. While at home, it will be easier to monitor how the work is being carried out, thus ensuring all work is done according to the stipulated plan.

Purchasing Products

Procuring resources during spring is not nerve-wracking since manufacturers and home improvements stores avail plenty of products such as tiles, bathtubs, lightings, and others, all will be picturesque designs. Also, there are higher chances of getting considerable deals and sales.

By purchasing products in what we call off-season, you will experience minimal delays during the ordering and delivery of materials such as toilets, sinks, bathroom vanities, showers, among other fixtures. Additionally, there can be a reduction in price for some materials since stores don’t need to maintain a massive stockpile of items as they would have to during summertime and autumn.

In spring, homeowners can take advantage of tax refunds which can play a considerable role during their renovations.

Hiring Contractors

Unlike summertime which is the busiest time of the year to undertake home renovations of any type as it is a holiday season, springtime in Houston, TX, is the best time to hire contractors for your project. This is because exceptional contractors are difficult to come by during the busy seasons.

At this time, contractors are able to shift all their focus to you since they do not have much work, which will make them juggle other tasks in addition to yours. For example, if you require a contractor specializing in waterproofing or an electrician, it is easier to get one who will offer you undivided attention without waiting for long.

Reputable and high-skilled contractors are usually in high demand during busy seasons such as summer. However, during springtime, contractors are often more available. You can also contemplate booking contractors during the low seasons, such as winter, as this could guarantee you a price reduction.

Summing Up

No time of the year is not ideal for bathroom remodel since each has its pros and cons. Most of this will be determined by your residence and the climate since poor weather can halt or slow down the project. You will also need to contemplate other factors such as temperature, humidity, and costs. However, regardless of the season, you can count on Smart House Reno to get the job done right!

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