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At Smart House Reno, we’re Houston’s home remodeling company. With our time-tested experience and knowledge, we understand how to transition home renovation projects from a paper concept to a breathtaking reality; we deliver without any inconveniences.

We understand the Houston area and our clients. Together, we can tackle any home remodeling project. As specialists in home and commercial remodeling, our superior team guides our clients through the process and opens a dialogue establishing a working trust. Our client’s expectations remain our ultimate goal and the result. If you appreciate quality, we’re the team you’re searching for in the home remodeling market.

Home remodeling is rewarding on both ends of the spectrum. Meeting new customers and helping them envision the finished end is what we pride our construction services on. We hire only top-notch professionals to ensure that trust, quality, and vision meet our clients’ expectations without compromise.

For our team, our customers are our priority. Their vision becomes our reality because we listen and surpass the goals they could only dream of achieving. It’s not just hearsay; our past clients support us with helpful reviews.

Tour our impressive gallery and be inspired by our designs and craftsmanship in home remodeling.

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Information is an invaluable tool in this business. Perhaps you believe a coat of exterior paint or a drywall patch job is too small a project for home remodeling contractors. That’s where our service differentiates itself.

Talk to us about your remodeling projects, and we’ll tailor a solution. Home renovations are what we do. Sometimes a coat of paint, new flooring, new kitchen cabinets are all that’s needed. But unless you ask, we can’t fulfill your project needs.

Armed with information from our service representative, you’ll be able to plan your project. The rest — leave in our capable hands

Dream kitchens don’t just happen. When you visit our gallery, it’s instantly apparent that we know how to design a kitchen space that works effortlessly. Kitchens are big-budget renovation projects and are the last place where you want to do a do-over. We’ll get it right the first time.

Mistakes in design can derail an entire project. That’s where our know-how champions the cause. We understand the trends, innovations, and intricacy of housing kitchen appliances and new countertops for work efficacy. Why not consult our Houston home remodeling experts and take advantage of our free quote portal.

Kitchen remodeling, bathrooms and ensuites renovations are costly endeavors and require extensive planning. Our team understands every aspect of bathroom remodeling in Houston, from elegant fixtures, stunning tiling, the prep work behind the scenes down to detailed elements that transform any space into elegant or practical solutions for their homes.

With our experience, we understand bathroom remodeling trends, best solutions for small spaces, quality fixture suppliers, how to upgrade from standard bathrooms to functional or lavish bathroom oasis spaces that our customers deserve. To transition the bathroom renovation experience smoothly, our quality work reflects our expert contractors and guarantees customer satisfaction.


We understand space — we see space where none existed. And if it doesn’t? We’ll build a suitable solution while minding budget considerations.

It’s safe to assume that you’ve seen that ‘classic’ home renovation episode when, surprise- surprise, they unearth a costly problem. We don’t find problems. We discover solutions in tandem with our trade contractors licensed to do the job in a timely manner.

Our experience is a valuable teacher in allowing us to explore potential space options for our clients’ remodeling projects. Building additions or upgrading spaces is a wise investment in life quality and increased property values.

There are many ways to transform and unify a space, but flooring does it effortlessly. In years past, homeowners had four choices: wood, carpet, linoleum, and tile. Now the market is flooded with hundreds of beautiful alternatives.

We promote various materials like bamboo, laminate, luxury vinyl, highly customized hardwoods, and ceramic tile. These amazing selections make remodeling fun and allow our designers to customize renovation ideas to secure our clients’ vision.

For commercial properties, we have comprehensive solutions and do a great job. We work with industry professionals and refurbish and enhance existing flooring types. Speak with our service representative.


Of course, you can hire the kid down the street, but painting is an acquired art. At Smart House Reno, we understand the power of quality paint and execution. Paint is an investment in your home’s value and appearance.

A professional painter is clean and tidy, doesn’t ruin driveways and surfaces with splashes and speckling. They have a sound understanding of the technique to make paint stretch without wasting a dab. And suggest that shocking orange is perhaps not the best color choice.

As the premiere Houston home remodeling company — we guarantee it.

When we said no job was too small, we also meant that we’re capable of taking on commercial projects. The best place to start a commercial project is with our service representative to get an understanding of your requirements.

Our portfolio is rich in experience with build-outs, tenant holdings, retail maintenance and remodeling, finishing, build-to-suit, water damage recovery and restoration, and commercial construction. 

Our stamp is on many office buildings, medical centers, retail stores, restaurants, gas stations, malls, warehouses, and apartments all over Houston and the surrounding area.

We got quotes from a lot of companies before picking Smart House Reno. Out of all of the contractors that came by, they took their time to really understand our needs and vision for our kitchen. We are so happy we picked them!

Richard L.

Smart House Reno is not like other companies. You can tell they have decades of experience and love their craft. Our bathroom turned out even better than we initially imagined and I dread the thought of accidentally picking someone else over them.

Ashley P.

The quality of work was fantastic. They are punctual, professional, and have amazing workmanship. I went through dozens of contractors before I found these guys. As soon as you meet them, you’ll know right away that you found the right company.

Sam K.

We have an established reputation in Houston, Texas, and we’re proud of it. That reputation is a testament to our customers, who have allowed us the privilege to serve them and to build our exemplary reputation outpacing other home renovation firms.

But we didn’t arrive at this standard alone. Our contractor partners, our top-quality professionals who represent the best brands in the industry, helped us to ensure our customers are satisfied and happy.


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We’re glad you asked. Yes, you need a building permit when you alter the structure of your home. Don’t let that frighten you out of living in your dream home. We can manage and walk you through the process and cross any hurdles with you.

Permits are your friend. They speak to the structural integrity of the home you buy and make selling your home in the future so much easier.

Allow our professionals to guide you through this daunting home remodeling process; we’ve been there, and we’ll get you to the other side.

Our clients choose to remodel for many reasons. One factor remains: they deserve to live in a beautiful home with features and amenities they desire. That desire may be inspired by the trends on the remodeling market in Houston, TX, or what they saw on television.

Increased home values post-renovation motivate many. While others bought a house, they long to transform into a home for their family needs. That may be a baby or parents sharing the space with grown children. 

Together, we shape those needs into reality. We don’t compromise. We listen and extrapolate exactly what our clients demand.

To get a free estimate of what it costs to paint the interior and exterior of your home, why not push the button.

With our professional guarantee, you won’t be disappointed. If your mind is leaning toward doing it yourself, consider the amount of work, the cost, the mess, the unknown.

A paint job is only as good as the paint and the painter, and in Houston and surrounding areas, those prices are between $3,700 and $19,900. The variables are endless. Call our service representatives for a competitive price that allows you to move forward with your plans quickly.


Most frequent questions and answers

It’s not easy to figure out how much it would cost to renovate a home. There are so many factors that go into the cost, and you never know what could come up when you start working on your house. You might think one thing will be an easy fix, but then it turns out to be much more complicated than anticipated. The good news is that there are plenty of resources available online which can help you estimate costs for renovation projects in your area before starting the project.

The average price of a complete home remodel is $200,000 and includes major tasks such as: replacing windows and doors; adding insulation; fixing structural issues like sagging floors or walls; updating electrical wiring and plumbing fixtures; installing new flooring, etc.

The main difference between remodeling and renovating is that renovations are usually smaller changes made in a single area while remodeling involves major changes in an entire space. For example, changing out tiles on the kitchen floor would be considered a renovation while completely gutting and rebuilding an entire kitchen from scratch would be classified as a remodel project.

The first thing is to make sure you have the right contractors. If you’re planning on doing these renovations yourself, be prepared for a lot of work. It’s important that your home renovation project gets done properly and it will take careful consideration about what needs to happen in order to accomplish this goal. You need someone who understands how best to do things like install new windows or replace old plumbing fixtures so they’ll last as long as possible without breaking down too soon.

Remodeling is the process of altering an existing room’s layout and structure, whether it be to redesign or in order for thematic reasons. A complete transformation from their original design through changing aspects like style are all considered remodels.

: If cost isn’t an issue then building a new home is the perfect option for designing your dream space. You have complete control over what kind of structure and layout will work best with your lot size and budget. Remodeling gives you the chance to plan out how much space each room needs so it feels just right when finished. It also offers many opportunities like opening up walls or adding on more rooms where there wasn’t enough before!

This is a question many house owners ask themselves when they’re looking to buy a new place. It can be difficult to determine if an older home has more value as-is or if the investment of time and money would be better spent on something newer. If you’re trying to decide whether or not it’s worth investing in your old home, here are some things to consider:

  • Does the property have good bones? Is there solid structure and foundation that won’t need any major repairs?
  • What kind of work will you need done and how much will it cost (including materials)?
  • Are those costs reasonable for what you’ll get out of them?

Whole house remodels can take anywhere from 7-10 months to complete when all the proper permits and documentation are obtained. Larger projects, such as a large renovation in an older home may require 9 – 15+ months due unforeseen delays with paperwork or other construction related issues.

In any project, you are likely to encounter five distinct stages of remodeling: planning, budgeting, demolition, construction, and cleanup.

When renovating your home, it’s important to consider the needs of everyone living in it. If you have small children or pets and live with elderly members who require extra care such as medical  assistance or supervision then moving out during major renovations might be best for everyone involved.

The best way to start with remodeling process is to talk to a professional expert. Our team of remodeling designers and contractors will be happy to answer any questions you might have and walk you through the entire process of remodeling, no matter whether you’d like to remodel an entire home or just a single room.

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